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These modern wooden teepee-style structures have been thought up by the designer Antony Gibbon. Like Gibbon’s other works, these structures have been inspired by the natural environment and geometrical patterns.” - Humble Homes
Learn more about this Teepee-Style Modern Cabins by Antony Gibbon

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Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji

Emam Mosque
Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
Emam Mosque
Chehel Sotoun
Seyyed Mosque

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Priest leaving the church at Tana lake - North Ethiopia | © Johan Gerrits


Estonian astrophotographer Raivo Hein captured Moon with Jupiter and its moons!

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VisionsBy: Erika Mugglin


Yoko Ono photographing John Lennon’s bloodstained glasses, 1980/1981.

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Topanga Cabin | Tiny House Swoon

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